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Unfortunately the hard drive in the server died so the database has been rolled back a bit. That's why your skin suddenly changed to an old one.

Small update to fix Mojangs update

I'm not sure what the significance of it was, but Mojang made a small update that broke some stuff with the launcher.

I just pushed out a new launcher and it should be working again.

Jeez it's been a while huh

Quick update to solve a problem causing crashes when the server returns an error I can't identify. Instead of fixing the server issue, I just made the client not crash when it encounters the error.

One love keep trudgin'

Skins working on 1.12.2

Skins should now be working with the latest build.

You may need to delete the launcher_profiles.json and usercache.json from your .minecraft directory again.

Update for 1.12.2

Should be working on the new launcher and game versions.