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Server upgrade

It looks like this server has reached it's limits, so I'll be offloading the database to another machine. There may be some downtime in the next day or two while everything is getting setup.

Home again

The site is back on the reliable server so we should be good for now.

Launcher fix

The launcher should be a bit more stable now. Just needed a little cleanup.

Also, in case anyone noticed, yes there was a problem with the site. We had to move hosts since receiving a DMCA takedown notice and will need to wait ten days to switch back to the more reliable host.

New launcher

Sorry about the launcher not working for so long. I've been a little busy and just got around to working on it. This one should be working with the new 1.7.2 launcher.

Vote farming

You may have noticed CosmicCraft is missing from the server list. This was their third time faking votes to boost the server ranking. I really hate the idea of banning anyone, but we really can't have fake-account vote farming going on. It hurts the list for everyone.

To clarify, there is nothing wrong with asking your users to vote for your server. Even offering them items is okay, but creating hundreds of fake accounts to vote for you is not.