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New launcher

This one should finally work with 1.7.9.
I still haven't gotten skins working with it, but that's next on the list.

Another host change and database problems

Due to one of the ways that the site was changed, some people may have noticed being unable to get into their old accounts. I've made some changes to the database so everyone should have their old accounts back.

New site layout

You may have noticed something... different, about the site. Hopefully the new layout is a little less horrible than the old one. My friend is going to help me improve it further in the coming days/weeks/someday since I can't design worth a damn.

Server upgrade

It looks like this server has reached it's limits, so I'll be offloading the database to another machine. There may be some downtime in the next day or two while everything is getting setup.

Home again

The site is back on the reliable server so we should be good for now.