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If you are here because the proxy told you to update, go to the "Downloads" page.

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If you are here to update, head over to the Downloads page.

Skin Update!

Skins work again!

Some Changes

I've neglected this place for a while.

This is just to let people know that there will be some changes on the site soon.

The server list will be broken off as a separate site. Your existing servers will be migrated to the new site. Votes will be reset since the voting system hasn't been working correctly for some time. Server descriptions may be kept or dumped depending on the format of the new server list.

With any luck I might be able to get skins working again as well.

Another update

Here's another try. This one seems to fix the problem for some people. If you still have problems, it might be worth deleting the contents of your %appdata%/.minecraft directory and seeing if that helps. Make sure to backup your saves directory if you want to keep your worlds though.

New launcher

This should solve the problems people have been having with the launcher as of 2/4/2016-ish. I haven't set the update as required yet but you can download it. If you get a launcher that's about 300kb that's the wrong one. You want the one that's about 90kb.

New launcher

This one should finally work with 1.7.9.
I still haven't gotten skins working with it, but that's next on the list.