SherCraft: A Mcmmo PvP Factions server with Two Creative worlds, a survival world, a SurvivalGames map and a UltraHarcore(UHC) world.
If you're looking for a server with Creative Worlds or if you want to do an Ultra Hardcore Survival or even a regular survival with factions, join SherCraft :)
Griefing is allowed, claiming builds is also allowed. If you don't want to take part in faction wars, you can ask a mod to set your faction to peaceful. You must wait 10 days before it can be changed back.
UHC is a gamemode invented by the MindCrack server where the player does not regenerate health naturally. The only way to regain health is by eating golden apples or using health potions. UHC can be extremely challenging and fun at the same time.