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ShootCraft with Guns! 1.9.4 Join now: play.shootcrafts.com

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What special about ShootCraft Server ? Update monthly No lag 24/7 Economy Skyblock -Custom made Skyblock with gunPVP business game and more Magical Survival - Magic Spells, Adventure Survival and more Friendly Community that ready to guide player Most importantly is free(Cracked) :) Join Today don't miss it :)

SentinelCraft 1.8 | Towny | McMMO | Economy | Skyblock & More

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COMPATIBLE WITH 1.8 to 1.8.7 ! SentinelCraft is a bukkit server that started in May 2013. The server has very active and mature staff with years of experience and a dedicated player base. We have a well defined rule set to keep your time here friendly, enjoyable and fun! We have enough plugins to keep you entertained without making things too complicated or laggy. Major Plugins are - Essentials (with a stable Economy) - Towny - Dynamic Map (http://sentinelcraft.net/map) - MobArena and more Minigames - Skyblock - McMMO - LogBlock - DisguiseCraft - And other minor plugins. You can also come check our website - http://www.sentinelcraft.net I hope you guys have fun on our server!

CCNet War | 1.10 | Factions | War | Towny | Raiding!
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Now on 1.10! CCNet is a cracked Factions PvP server, constantly equipped with bleeding-edge and unique features you won't find anywhere else. From features from guns, ships, cannons, grenades, infernals mobs which drop OP loot, faction mobs, custom textures and sounds to Towny, Factions, Skyblock and mcMMO, CCNet has something for everyone. Join today! IP: Website: cometcraft-reloaded.enjin.com Server Dynmap:

PRISON | TOWNY [:>ConspiracyNetwork<:] KITPVP | FACTIONS |

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The Conspiracy Network is a well established server with a great community and a great experience! IP: conspiracycraft.us Website: http://conspiracycraft.net Facebook: http://facebook.com/conspiracycraft TS3: ts3.conspiracycraft.net


[SedexPVP] Fight for Glory!
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Hey, you! Yes, you, reading this advertisement for the best PvP server in the world! Don't have premium?? No worries, you can come and play on a cracked account! We have a large supply of awesome features and plugins such as;-Multiple PvP arena, Fast-paced, no mess, easy-to-play PvP, A healthy supply of experienced, knowledgeable active Admins and Moderators that are ready to help you whenever you need, Easy to understand and use kits, Ranking System, Factions, McMMO, A very active forum, filled to the brim with helpful, buzzing players that are a part of the community, just like you, that would be more than happy to help you with any problem you may have, and many more tantalizing features for you to come and experience, use and enjoy!! Like the sound of any of these awesome features?? Then why not hop on down to our server down at pvp.sedexrsps.com ?! You might just like what you find ~~ Thanks for reading, from all of us down at SedexPvP, we hope you can come join us some time!


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[Quests] [Custom Mobs] [Dungeons] [mcMMO] [Towns] [Chest Lock] [Survival] [Creative]

[Infinite~PvP] New IP: Infinite.noip.me

[Infinite] Is now MultiCraft ! /Server
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MasterCrafterZ Like us for ServerRewards by clicking the STEVE

Stuff being done...
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particle.es 1.10

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1.10 factions map: http://particle.es:8123/


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Le serveur se cherche des admin. Si vous savez utiliser kitbattle essensial et world edit merci de m'ecrire au 2003junkai@gmail.com.


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[o]==NCC-74656 ==[o] IP: mc.NCC74656.net Website: http://playncc.wix.com/ncc-74656 NCC-74656 is a bungee server with Survival factions, Minigames, Creative and PvP [Spawn server] This is where you spawn when connecting. You must register before you can play!. You can access all servers from there. It has place to redeem voting keys: /crates, /staff list island and /dropparty [Survival server] All survival gameplay happens. You can choose between default world or custom made survival world. Custom map is 5000x5000 blocks. [Minigames server] We currently have 7 different minigames: Skyblock, Skywars, Spleef, The Mining Wars, Paintball, Color Shuffle and K.O.T.L. Skyblock has market system where you can trade your skyblock items with others. Our PvP maps are also found here and can be accessed with /pvp list command. You can bring your weapons from Survival to Minigames. [Creative server] Creative plots are 100x100 and you can have 2 of them. Ever wanted to use WorldEdit?. It's 100% free for all players with tons of schematics you can use. [Hardcore] Found in Survival server. PvP, raiding and griefing is all allowed here. Factions are same as in other survival worlds. /market is a good place to trade with other players. No death bans to make things more fun. [General stuff] Players can earn money by using /sell, /jobs, /vote or ask from others. You can spend your money on /ranks or in /shop. Each rank has access to more /cosmetics /guns. More can be found under /ranks [Basic rules] No griefing/raiding in survival worlds. No hacking. No excessive swearing. Be mature. Do not advertize your server or we will ddos it. Do not say you are from Planet minecraft, we don't care. Do Not ask for free ranks. We will never give free ones. Do Not ask for staff position. We have enough staff members. Come over and help us grow!


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ShadowXCraft is a great Minecraft server! ShadowXCraft has been running for two years now! Once you join you will see why it has lasted. It has a great community that gets along, has fun, and demolishes hackers!! This server also has a lot of fun gamemodes to do, including: It’s unique KitPVP server! A factions server! A prison server! A peaceful plotted survival server! An advanced creative plot server (With worldedit!) A professional HungerGames server (AKA SurvivalGames)! Two UltraHardCore servers! A cool TurfWars server! A bridges server! (NEW!) You are going to love the gamemodes! We have spent a lot of time on them. The server has active staff that make sure players are following the rules. We punish the hackers (Thousands). They are also friendly and fun to play with! (Just don’t bug them) 100% uptime and almost no lag! Check out the server website at https://www.shadowxcraft.net for news and more! Join with the address shadowxcraft.net


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For new player go to the survival portal and type /kit starter for awesome free gift! Join Our Website! http://mc-bluecreeps.enjin.com/


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Hi! Thanks for showing interest in our server. :) Rabbit-Craft is a 24/7 Medieval PvP Raiding Factions server. It is also Roleplay due to some mechanics: 1. /tpa, /spawn, /home are disabled (except /f home, and you need to wait 10 seconds in order to be teleported) 2. We have Diseases that can weaken and/or kill you. To find the cures type /cures . 3. The money is represented by how much gold do you have in the inventory. (1 Gold Nugget = $1, 1 Gold Ingot = $10, 1 Gold Block = $100) 4. We also have a ranking system based on how much money you have (in the inventory). 5. We have Gods. You can to pray to any God you want to receive rewards. But be careful, if you don't pray for a long time or eat unholy food / slay holy creature, your God will get angry at you and bad things will happen. 6. Monsters are disabled. (Except if your God gets angry and spawns them) 7. We also have cannons :D Elytra is craftable. http://bit.ly/1TERLlo Yeah, so I think that's it. If you're curious to see how the server is, just check it. You won't regret! :D Also, if you spend a long time on our server, you can apply for staff (We really need staff) !