♠ ☢ RenegadeCraft Non-Premium ☢ ♠ [32gb ram][1.8.1][SSD]
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Name: Renegade Craft (www.renegadecraft.org) *****IP: mc.rcmcs.info:25565***** Server Info: 8 Cores, 32 GB Ram, 100 Slots, 24/7 Uptime SSD! Worlds: Survival (Factions + PVP + Chest Shop + PVP Arena + VIP Packages+ Minigames) Griefing/Raiding is allowed!! Hunger Games/Survival Games Skyblocks Purchase membership packages from www.renegadecraft.net We are currently looking to recruit Moderators! Apply at http://renegadecraft.net/forum/m/10715216/viewforum/2145631 Please read the requirements before applying! Rules: No asking/begging admins for items or ranks No hacking of any sort (x-ray, fly, nodus, etc...) No multiple accounts No disrespecting admins or any other players No advertising Server Fan Made Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3F7S78tis4 More stuff to come in the near future!!

██████████ FrostRealms ██████████ CLICK STEVE FOR A SUPRISE

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███████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ Welcome to Fostrealms! Our website is www.frostrealms.com ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ Skyblock Hunger Games Factions PVP Arenas PVE Survival SPLEEF Plotme MobArenas Playerheads Chestshop Skyscrapers Citizens + More! ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ Join the community IP= mc.frostrealms.com ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ http://www.frostrealms.com/ ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ We have a dedicated server with 32gb of ram ,3X120gb ssd's and an intel xeon e3 1225v2

Cosmic Craft ♥♥♥♥ 24/7 No Lag ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

www.CosmicMC.com [Cosmic Craft]
  • Players: 612/1000
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  • Likes: 13298
Faction pvp raiding Towny Skyblock Minigames Minigames include Battle arena Capture the flag Paintball Spleef Mob Arena Team fortress 2 Hunger Games Survival Games


[][] Dawn PvP [][] 1.7.2 - 1.7.5 PLEASE LIKE THE SERVER ON MINESHAFTER!!!
  • Players: 4/30
  • Online
  • Likes: 7541
We have Factions, SkyBlock, mcMMO, a shop, and minigames. Raiding and griefing is allowed. There are custom plugins to prevent unfair play. Join today for a great experience and make tons of friends! Everyone is welcome! Community and friendly staff is what keeps this amazing server alive.

Try Out our Premium Network: us.MineBlade.com

┌──────── CraftRealms ───────┐ └──── Survival : Prison : SkyBlock ────┘
  • Players: 397/1000
  • Online
  • Likes: 7203
TRY OUT OUR NEW PREMIUM NETWORK: IP: US.MINEBLADE.COM EU.MINEBLADE.COM SITE: www.MineBlade.com CAFTREALMS NOW HAS A MINEZ SERVER! SITE: CraftRealms.com REALMZ IP: RealmZ.CraftRealms.Com Survival: mc.CraftRealms.com [250 Slots] Hunger Games: hg.CraftRealms.com [250 Slots] PvP Server: pvp.CraftRealms.com [200 Slots] Tekkit Server: Tek.craftrealms.com [50 slots] BETA TESTING: Servers WILL NOT always be online or available since we are working on them. RealmZ - Similar To MineZ but Cracked! IP: RealmZ.craftrealms.com The Walls - The walls map with modifications! IP: walls.craftrealms.com Status: Mc.CraftRealms.Com - Online 156/250 HG.CraftRealms.Com - Online 87/250 PvP.CraftRealms.Com - Online 59/150 Hello, Welcome to CraftRealms. We have hit an amazing 50,000 NEW Users in 3 months! We are a fast growing community that welcomes new people at the best of its ability! Servers: We have expanded! ----------[Survival Server: mc.CraftRealms.com]----------------- *[200 Slots]* *[Towny]* *[McMMO]* *[Mob Arena]* *[House Renting System]* *[Custom RPG System]* *[NoCheatPlus]*[Anti-Xray]* *[CreativeControl]* *[Donor Ranks and Perks]* *[Trial Mods Every 2 Weeks]* *[16gb Dedicated Machine] And much more! This Server has 2 worlds. One wolrd is where all towns and houses will be build and each and one of them will be protected and rolledback if griefed! The second world will have no protection or rules. It will be known as "The Wild" in this place is where you will be collecting all your items and you will be building your homes, and etc. The wild world will be reset every 2-3 weeks since we need new ores, trees, caves. Etc to be regenerated for people to keep on getting materials! The main wold will remain clean and good to look at. -------------[PVP Server: pvp.CraftRealms.com]---------------------- *[200 Slots]* *[Factions]* *[Pvp Arenas]* *[Anti-Xray]* *[NoCheatPlus]* *[Pvp Stats]* *[War]* *[Pvp Ranks]* *[Mob Arena]* And much more...! On this server it will be a PvP experience like no other! We will be choosing top pvpers of the month for a free shiny rank! Also we are woeking on putting 3 different maps that will be working as hudge arenas! -----------------[HungerGames: hg.CraftRealms.com]---------------- *[100 Slots]* *[Fully Automated HungerGames!]* *[Pvp Arenas]* *[Anti-Xray]* *[NoCheatPlus]* *[3 arenas]* *[Top Hunger Games Winner Ranks]* And much more...! This is a fully automated Hunger Games Server. There are 3 maps of 25 players each that will be running! People can join games without the help of an admin to start or stop a game. There will also be VIP ranks which have the ability to join a game that has started 5 minutes ago. ----------------------------[CraftRealms]------------------------------

██████████ CLICK THE STEVE FOR PIXELMON ██████████

u00A74u00A7lA Minecraft Pixelmon Server! u00A7au00A71.6.4
  • Players: 5/100
  • Online
  • Likes: 6961
***************** PixelMon Server ***************** Server Version: 1.6.4 Forge PixelMon Version: 2.5.7 Mod Both these need to be installed to play!


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  • Online
  • Likes: 5236
1.7 - 1.8 Compatible Hello reader! Reborn Craft™ is a server that has wedged into the community of Minecraft for very long time! Our staff and server owner(s) are very experienced when it comes to their craft, which is why this server is just perfect for you! We hold many various game types appealing to almost all of the Minecraft community in some shape or form! Our server holds up to 3,000 registered users, with 100 people on, daily! Yes daily! We boast a population that is sure to get you wanting to join in on the fun. Our members and staff are welcoming, no matter who you are or where you are from. We are one of the most diverse communities that is out there! Almost all of our plugins are created from scratch by our server owner, to insure that your player experience is top-notch, beating out any other servers and what they have to offer! Here is some information / accolades the server has to it's name; ✖ Current Servers: - Factions ✔ - Prison ✔ - Towny ✔ - Creative ✔ - SkyBlock ✔ - Hardcore ✔ - Mini Games (Maintainance) - Kit PvP ✔ Our vast range of servers are sure to tickle your tastebuds, and they are all fully functional and working. Each server has their own unique features / perks to make sure that you drop on by to all of them and say hello to the welcoming communities! If you have any suggestions for our servers and can thing of ways to which we can improve your players experience, then make sure you leave your feedback on our site, which is linked at the bottom of post. ✖ Machine Stats: - Two Server Hosts - Quad Core 3.4 Ghz CPU's - 32 GB of Ram Per Server - 1 GB Internet Per Server - DDoS Protection - 2x120 GB SSD Cards These stats ensure that our 100's of players can enjoy their time on the server, with smooth and suffient real time action, there is no delay which allows a crisp, and sharp player experience. Future additions will be added to our stats, but this is through getting donations that will allow us to stay funded, and keep the server running! Once again, the donation links will be at the end of this post. ✖ Server Link(s) + IP: Website / Forum's: http://reborncraft.info/ {Donations / Bans / Votes} Server IP: reborncraft.biz We hope you drop on by to our server, thank you for reading! ~ Reborn Craft Staff Team

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This is a 1.5.2 cracked server with factions and prison!

CelestialCraft [Supreme][64GB Ram][No Lag]

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  • Likes: 2422

JunglelandMC v2.0 | CLCIK STEVE TO HELP US

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Server Address : play.junglelandmc.com Server Website : www.junglelandmc.com JunglelandMC is a small minecraft network. Feel free to play the server and have fun. Join JunglelandMC now, you will never regret. ✓ Online 24/7 ✓ Lag free ✓ Plenty of donor ranks at good price ✓ Friendly staff ✓ Averages over 30 members at all times

VeridianCraft 24/7 Cracked PVP | SMP | Skyblock | Factions |

VeridianCraft Cracked [<<1.7.2>>] {PvP - Factions - Skyblock - Minigames}
  • Players: 10/100
  • Online
  • Likes: 1975
VeridianCraft is a 24/7, cracked Minecraft server like no other. We at VeridianCraft pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service and providing an amazing cracked Minecraft experience. What we have to offer: - 99% grief-free environment - Over 50 fun, custom coded plugins that make VeridianCraft unique. - A legendary community superior to anything Minecraft has to offer - A welcoming and friendly community - Spleef, Skyblock, Mobarena, SurvivalGames, and other fun minigames - An rpg take on Survival Minecraft, with game altering Runes - A 100% lag-free environment, running on a 24/7 dedicated machine. - And much more! Join us today and see for yourself what we have to offer! You will NOT be disappointed. Server IP: Play.VeridianCraft.us Server website: http://www.VeridianCraft.us

FusionPVP - CRACKED 1.7.10 - 1.7.2
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  • Likes: 1777
----------------------------------------------------> LIKE US - CLICK STEAVE ----------------------------------------------------> **SPECIAL PROMOTION: TOP VOTER OF THE MONTH WILL GET A MINECRAFT PREMIUM COUPON CODE** Website: http://thefusionpvp.com/ Features: > Factions > Very Balanced Donator Ranks > Giveways every moonth > mcMMo > 30-40 Daily

The Crystal City [1.8.1/PvP/Factions/Raid/Creative]

A Hexxit Server
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  • Likes: 1776
Welcome to The Crystal City's Minecraft Server! --------------------------------------------- A newer gaming community, now with a Minecraft Server! Join today! Some features include: -PvP -Raiding -Strange Weapons -MCMMO -Factions -Creative World (CURRENTLY DOWN) -And more! --------------------------------------------- Steam group URL: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/thecrystalcity Server IP/Port: TeamSpeak 3 IP: --------------------------------------------- THIS IS NOT A HEXXIT SERVER! I have no idea why it says that it is.

Naturecraft 24/7

We're now open again!
  • Players: 4/40
  • Online
  • Likes: 1773
NatureCraft 24/7 Hosted by Fragnet! We are a small European server with an experienced staffbase. PvP, Raiding, Griefing - ALL ALLOWED! We use plugins like Heroes, Authme, BloodMoon, HealthBar, Runecraft, Reforestation, Lockette, Giants.. etc etc We also have custom plugins unique to our server! Currently: RascalsVenomousZombies, RascalsSimpleBounty (and RascalsDiverseArrows waiting to be installed) and we can create any that we think would be a useful addition to our server. The server IP is: naturecraft.mcfrag.net The website is: sandersnaturecraft.enjin.com There is only so much I can tell you, you need to come and check us out to see what we're really about.

♠ ☢ Kubex ☢ ♠ [16gb ram][24/7][1.7.2]
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  • Likes: 1055
Hardcore PVP Server - New server! Join us today, we would love to meet you, our community is great and friendly :) s46.hosthorde.com:26011 s46.hosthorde.com:26011 s46.hosthorde.com:26011 s46.hosthorde.com:26011 s46.hosthorde.com:26011 s46.hosthorde.com:26011