What went wrong?

Remember that the site is still in development right now, so things go wrong sometimes. That said, most problems people have can be solved by READING THE INSTRUCTIONS. You had to pass them to get here, so if this is a problem where you don't know how to do something, go double check. Also, if the problem you're having is something in-game, it may not be anything to do with Mineshafter. Go check out the Mojang Getsatisfaction page and see if anyone else has your problem.

Site Issues:

  • When I change my skin, it stays the same in-game.
  • To reduce load on the server, the client caches skins. Restart Minecraft to ensure you are seeing the latest skins for yourself and your friends.

Client Issues:

  • Nothing happens when I start the launcher
  • Sometimes windows doesn't correctly bind JAR files to be executed by Java. Try using Jarfix to re-associate the filetype.
  • The launcher shows a white screen when I start it
  • Solution from the group:
    • Open start menu
    • Type "%appdata%" and press enter
    • First backup .minecraft/saves/ and .minecraft/servers.dat to keep your saved games and multiplayer server list
    • Delete the .minecraft directory
    • Try to start the launcher again (it may take a few seconds to start as it has to get the launcher again)
  • I updated when a new version was available but it keeps telling me to update.
  • You haven't actually replaced the old launcher with the new one. Follow these steps:
    • Delete Mineshafter-proxy.jar or Mineshafter-launcher.jar
    • Download the new "Mineshafter Proxy" (or launcher) from the Downloads section
    • Run the new JAR
  • Sound doesn't work, or setting volume causes Minecraft to crash.
  • This appears to be some kind of bug in Minecraft, but I've had reports that it can also be caused by Mineshafter. A common fix is to re-install your OpenAL drivers. You can download the installers for different OS's here. If that doesn't fix it, go check the Minecraft forums. There are people there who also have had the problem and might have other suggestions.
  • I can't login to my friend's server/I get Connection Timeout errors.
  • This is usually either a firewall or connectivity problem. Whoever is running the server needs to ensure that they have TCP port 25565 (or whatever custom port they may have been using) open to incoming connections on their firewall. If a firewall is not the problem and is not with the internet connections, sometimes this just happens for no apparent reason. There doesn't seem to be any good fix yet. Wait a while and try again.
  • I keep getting "Failed to verify username" when connecting to multiplayer servers.
  • You can only use servers that use custom authentication plugins or are in offline mode. Official servers will not let you connect.
  • I keep having problems with running out of memory.
  • Use the -Xmx flag to change the maximum amount of memory allocated to the JVM. e.g., java -Xmx1024m -jar Mineshafter-proxy.jar
  • When I connect to a server I see "/register <password> <password>" or a message telling me to login.
  • Pick a password to use on that server, and type /register yourpassword yourpasswordagain.
  • When updating, the download dies partway through.
  • Temporarily disable AVG or any antivirus applications you have running. They can interfere with the update process.

If this didn't solve your issues, you can go to our Group for help. I monitor the group so if you post there either myself or one of the other members should be able to help you.